About Us

Our Mission

To reduce the disability related to occupational injuries and illnesses.

To achieve this goal our research focuses on the use of workers’ compensation data to:

  • analyze the predictors and burden of long-term disability
  • study the outcome of surgeries, use of opioids, and other treatments for injured workers particularly in regard to reducing and preventing long term disability
  • study occupational health best practices and innovative health care delivery models most likely to prevent long term disability


Our People

Director - Gary M. Franklin, MD, MPH

More information about Dr. Franklin can be found on his Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences profile here.

(206) 685-7193


Research Scientist - Deborah Fulton-Kehoe, PhD, MPH

More information about Dr. Fulton-Kehoe can be found on her Health Services Administration profile here.

(206) 543-3686


Occupational Health Nurse - Terri Smith-Weller, RN, MN, COHN-S

(206) 543-3666


Research Scientist - Jeremy Gluck, PhD, MPH

(206) 616-9155


Research Consultant - Rae Wu, MPH

(206) 616-9154


Research Assistant - Renu Garg

(206) 616-9110


Program Coordinator - Laura Black

(206) 685-7080