About Us

Our Mission

To reduce the disability related to occupational injuries and illnesses.

To achieve this goal our research focuses on the use of workers’ compensation data to:

  • analyze the predictors and burden of long-term disability
  • study the outcome of surgeries, use of opioids, and other treatments for injured workers particularly in regard to reducing and preventing long term disability
  • study occupational health best practices and innovative health care delivery models most likely to prevent long term disability

Our People

Director - Gary M. Franklin, MD, MPH

(206) 685-7193

About Dr. Franklin:
Dr. Gary M. Franklin obtained his MD degree from George Washington University, and MPH degree from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a board-certified neurologist whose current positions are:

His major research interests include:

  • use of workers' compensation databases to conduct epidemiologic research
  • outcome studies of medical treatments for occupational musculoskeletal disease
  • predictors of disability in workers' compensation
  • impact of innovative care delivery systems on cost, outcome and satisfaction in workers' compensation.

Dr. Franklin also has interests in occupational and environmental neurology, including cumulative trauma disorders, and assessing impairment and disability of occupational and environmental diseases.

Research Scientist - Deborah Fulton-Kehoe, PhD, MPH

(206) 543-3686 or (206) 685-7080

Research Coordinator - Kathleen Egan, MPH

(206) 685-7194

Occupational Health Nurse - Terri Smith-Weller, RN, MN, COHN-S

(206) 543-3666

Research Scientist - Jeremy Gluck, PhD, MPH

(206) 616-9155

Research Consultant - Rae Wu, MPH

(206) 616-9154

Research Assistant - Renu Garg


Program Coordinator - Laura Black