EHMBRACE maintains this page with training and outreach resources to help foster interdisciplinary research, cross-training and the development of new methods.

Free virtual microbiome course and symposium

The Institute for Systems Biology organizes an annual microbiome course and symposium, which consists of a two-day online training on the latest computational methods and a one-day symposium featuring leading microbiome researchers from around the world. These virtual events provide high-quality training to students anywhere in the world, including those from under-resourced institutions. We hope these events help to democratize access to microbiome research methods.

In 2021, the ISB Virtual Microbiome Series attracted more than 2,200 participants from 80 countries. Course materials can be accessed on demand on GitHub. The necessary computational infrastructure can be accessed using Google Colab. Course lectures can be viewed on YouTube.  During these events, teaching support is provided via a dedicated Slack account.

Seattle’s Informal Microbiome Research seminars

Seattle's Informal Microbiome Research seminars (SIMR) were co-founded by Drs. Amy Willis (UW) and Sean Gibbons (Institute for Systems Biology). SIMR seminars provide a constructive and supportive space to offer and receive feedback on our microbiome research, including work in progress. For more information about the scope and format as well as how to participate, please visit