The University of Washington Environmental Pathology/Toxicology Training Program (EP/T) is an interdisciplinary program that includes faculty from three departments in the Schools of Medicine and Public Health. These departments are:

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) has provided continuous funding for our program since 1978. The EPT program includes virtually all NIEHS-supported investigators at UW. It is closely linked with NIEHS-supported centers at UW focused on ecogenetics, toxicogenomics and risk assessment, among others, and is highly integrated with a wide array of well-funded, complementary research centers and projects.

Pre- and postdoctoral trainees are actively involved in research on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of toxicity and toxic injury. Our goals are to train independent research scientists who are thoroughly conversant with morphologic and mechanistic aspects of environmental pathology and toxicology, with an added emphasis on genome sciences and new opportunities for training and participating in translational and clinical research. Trainees will have an appreciation for how this information can be used as the scientific basis for risk assessment.

Elaine Faustman, Ph.D., Director