About Us

The Northwest Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit seeks to reduce environmental health risks to children by providing training for health professionals, communities and families through consultation, educational activities, and referrals.

The PEHSU is a North American network of experts dedicated to providing expertise and training for health professionals, trainees and the public on environmentally related health effects in children. PEHSU faculty are academically based at university hospitals and include pediatricians, toxicologists, exposure scientists and others. The PEHSU network includes 11 sites and is managed by the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics. The Northwest PEHSU is based in the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health at the University of Washington, and serves Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho.


PEHSU Objectives

  • Consulting in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of environmental origin
  • Strengthening prevention capacity through education
  • Improving practitioner access to expertise in environmental medicine
  • Serving as a resource for local and federal agencies
  • Creating an avenue for clinicians to develop sub-specialty knowledge
  • Providing a core of clinically focused publications and factsheets

Fact Sheet: All About PEHSU

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