Field Group - FAQ


If the Washington Medical Aid and Accident Funds support the FRCG, what regulatory responsibility does the group have?

We have no regulatory mandate. We are an information and support resource for Washington state workers and employers.

Can you issue citations for violations of health & safety regulations?

We have no authority to give citations for violations of Washington state health and safety regulations.

Ok, you sound like you could help me. What do I need to do next?

Our criteria for accepting requests for assistance include opportunities for student experiences and the availability of time and appropriate expertise. The quick answer is to contact us, and we can discuss your project in more detail.

How do I request Field Group Services?

A written request for service from an authorized person capable of providing access to the worksite is required before we can start work. Please follow the instruction on the following page: Consulting Services

Are your files and reports open to the public?

Yes, our reports are public information, but we release them only to those persons who submit a written request. Since we are funded publicly, we are required to allow access to our records.

How much does a workplace health and safety evaluation cost?

Nothing. The Field Group is funded by money from the Washington State Medical Aid and Accident Fund.

Can the FRCG send students out to help me address my workplace health and safety problems?

Yes. The FRCG is eager to find opportunities to help companies while providing hands on health and safety experiences for graduate students.