Student Information

Field Work Opportunities

The Field Group often has opportunities available for students interested in gaining field industrial hygiene experience.  Typically, students accompany FRCG Industrial Hygienists to on-site consultations where they assist the IH with a variety of tasks including exposure monitoring and site observations.  We try to accommodate student's schedules and transportation is available if needed.


Internships provide students with an opportunity to gain applied field experience before graduation and practice their new profession.  The FRCG is responsible for assisting interested DEOHS exposure sciences students in obtaining internships at local companies and agencies.  These internships typically occur in the summer between the first and second year of the Masters degree program, although some opportunities may be available for internships during other times of the year.  With few exceptions, internships are paying jobs.  Potential employers often offer internships as a means to evaluate students for permanent positions following graduation. 


The Field Group is involved in several industrial hygiene and safety courses offered by the UW Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences:

  • ENVH 564 Recognition of Health and Safety Problems in Industry - Develops skills in occupational health and safety hazard recognition in a variety of important northwest industries. Focuses on process understanding and hazard recognition skills during walk-through inspections of several local facilities, stressing a multidisciplinary approach.

Please contact Dr. Marty Cohen if you are interested in any of these opportunities