Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Cassandra Jean

Postdoctoral Scholar

Exploring Youth Experiences with Environmental and Climate-Sensitive Health Hazards and Opportunities for Engagement in Washington State




PHD Students

Claire Schollaert

PhD Environmental and Occupational Hygiene

Supporting Equitable Land Management Decisions Through the Characterization of Different Sources of Smoke Exposure for At-Risk Communities



Masters Students

Logan Arnold

M.S. Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management, 2021

Mortality Associated with Extreme Heat in Washington State: The historical and projected public health burden.



Renee Codsi

MPH One Health, 2021

One Health approach to public health disaster response creating resilient communities.

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Aubrey DeVine

M.S. Environmental Health, 2017

Geographical analysis of emergency medical service calls and extreme heat in King County



Laurel Dillon-Sumner

MPH Health Services, Health Systems & Policy Concentration, 2018

Exploring community resilience


Annie Doubleday

MPH Environmental Health, 2019

Health risks of wildfire smoke in Washington state



Josh Edrich

MPH Health Services (Health Systems & Policy), 2020

Healthcare organization preparedness in the aftermath of emergencies and disasters.



Sydney Gerig

MS Environmental Health Sciences

Sydney's research and career interests include climate and environmental change impacts on zoonotic and vector-borne disease (ZVBD).


Meg Hamele

MPH Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences and Master of Urban Planning (MUP)

Long Term Recovery Organizations & Community Health Equity; King County COVID-19 Community Study; Inclusive Risk Communication; Northwest Center for Occupational Health & Safety Annual Evaluation.


Kaitlyn Kelly

MPH Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, 2020

Training communications for and proper utilization of N95 respirators in the public.



Mal Kennedy

MPH Health Services, 2018

Incorporating long-term health considerations into post-disaster recovery at the local level.


Sam Lovell

MPH Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, 2023

Sam's research interests include risk communications, climate change preparedness and adaptation, community resiliency, and public health and environmental policy.


Claire Mocha

MPH Community-Oriented Public Health Practice, 2020

Indoor air quality assessments for people with asthma and other respiratory concerns.



Kate Pedersen

MPH Health Services, Master of Urban Planning, 2020

Hospital decision-making following earthquakes and hospital functionality during multiple concurrent lifeline service disruptions following earthquakes.


Claire Pendergrast

MPH Environmental Health, 2019

Disaster resilience strategies for older adults

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Isabel Raisa Nerenberg

MS Environmental Health, 2023

Isabel's research interests include climate related disaster preparedness and recovery, community resilience, and public health education.


Anna Reed

MPH Health Systems and Population Health, Community-Oriented Public Health Practice

Anna is interested in the intersection of climate justice, health, and community resilience.


Bri Willis

MPH One Health, 2020

Exposures of disaster scientists who responded to the 2019 earthquake in Ridgecrest,CA


Megan Archer

MPH Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences / Master in Urban Planning (MUP);Graduate Certificate in Climate Science, 2022

Integrating Climate Change into Hazard Mitigation Planning: A Five-year Follow-up Survey


Carly Bednarski

MS Environmental Health; Graduate Certificate in GIS, 2022

Evaluating the impact of hazardous waste sites and floodplains in Washington State on social vulnerability and inequity in surrounding communities.



Mae Coker

M.S. Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene

Earthquake and other disaster risk assessments in Washington wineries



Daaniya Iyaz

MS Environmental Health; Graduate Certificate in Climate Change and Health, 2022

King County COVID-19 Community Study; Evaluating the effect of wildfire smoke events on pediatric health in Seattle.


Joanne Medina

MPH Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

Wildfire smoke reduction interventions; Effectiveness and implementation of low-cost DIY portable air cleaners and low-cost indoor air sensor at the household level.


Kathleen Moloney

MPH Global Health, 2023

She is particularly interested in climate adaptation and infrastructure policy and hopes to bring an equity-focused lens to this work.


Anna Mounsey

MS Environmental Health

Personal flotation device (PFD) use and risk perception of salmon drift gillnet workers in Bristol Bay, Alaska.


Juliette Randazza

MPH Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences / Master in Public Administration

DR2; Plan analysis of municipal heat action plans; COVID-19 Evidence to Practice; Forest Therapy for Community Recovery.


Sarah Whittington

MPH Health Services

A review on existing literature surrounding health disparities and indoor air pollution in residential homes in Washington state.



Undergraduate Students

Amanda Durkin

B.S. Environmental Health, 2019

Community air monitoring network in Methow Valley



Graciela Marie Flores

Graciela Marie Flores

B.A. Public Health - Global Health, 2024

Unique Risks of Growing Hazards: Exploring Youth Experiences with Climate-Sensitive Hazards and Opportunities for Engagement



Shannon Gonick

B.A. Public Health, 2018

Climate change consideration in hazard mitigation planning



Katie Kern

B.S. Environmental Health, 2019

Knowledge of N95 mask use among the general public


Ryan Kouchakji

B.S. Environmental Health, 2017

Risk communication methods for people living with homelessness



Justine Marecaux

B.S. Environmental Health, 2019

Wildfire Smoke Risk Communication Efficacy



Katie Scott

B.S. Environmental Health, 2017

Social media communication surrounding the August 2016 Louisiana flood


Darcy Van Deventer

B.S. Environmental Health, 2017

Wildfire smoke risk communication



Julio Ramos-Vazquez

B.A. Public Health - Global Health

Understanding occupant activity impact on Indoor air quality using PurpleAir Pilot data in King County