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2022 Disaster Research Response Workshop


The Disaster Research Response (DR2) Training Workshop will focus on the process for conducting research specific to Pacific Northwest (PNW) hazards. These include, for example, a Cascadia earthquake scenario, heat waves, and wildfire smoke events. Event participants will include local, state, and federal officials, as well as representatives from PNW Tribes, academia, the private sector, and community-based organizations.

Workshop Goal

The goal of the DR2 Workshop is to build regional capacity for research response following disasters that occur within the PNW. This goal is organized around seven detailed objectives that include, but is not limited to, exploring the integration of various perspectives in creating and implementing research plans following events aimed at reducing community health impacts during response and recovery, as well as a space for facilitating and fostering relationships and knowledge sharing among local, state, Tribal, federal, academic, international, and community partners and stakeholders.

Workshop Affiliated Activities

There will also be a number of events and activities associated with the workshop, including:

  • Community engagement throughout the PNW
  • Development of research protocols
  • Discussions with other NIEHS grantees on how to collaborate on disaster research response
  • International collaborative workshops & meetings
  • Hazard and health research briefs
Key Anticipated Outcomes of the Workshop

Identification of funding opportunities for disaster health research across federal agencies, private foundations, and other funding sources;

  • Institutional Review Board guidance to efficiently review research protocols for timely data collection following disaster, and
  • Creation of sustainable relationships and collaboration mechanisms to produce meaningful and applicable disaster response research
If you have any questions, please contact Betsy (Eagin) Galluzzo ( and April Bennett ( If you have any questions about DR2, please visit