Image of an ogawa.


The Ogawa sampler is a passive sampler that does not require a pump. It passively absorbs O3, SO2, NO2 or NOx in the air onto the treated filter media on one or both ends of its barrel shaped body.

Image of a TSI pump

TSI Pump 

The TSI SidePak 530 pump will be used to sample at 1.8 L/min for fixed site, home outdoor, home indoor, and personal sampling. It has an internal flow meter, data logging capability, and the ability to perform intermittent sampling.

Image of an HPEM

HPEMS: (Harvard Personal Environmental Monitors) 

The HPEM2.5 is a single-stage inertial impactor. Particles greater than 2.5 µm are collected on an impaction plate. Particles less than 2.5 µm bypass the impaction plate and are collected on 37-mm Teflon filter.