External Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Douglas Dockery, PhD

Professor of Environmental Epidemiology, Chair
Department of Environmental Health
Harvard School of Public Health
Other Affiliations: Associate Professor of Medicine (Epidemiology), Harvard Medical School

Research Interests:

  • Health effects of air pollution exposures in populations
  • Health effects of specific air pollution constituents
  • Health effects of environmental stressors in young children

Michael Brauer, ScD

Professor, Director
School of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
University of British Columbia

Research Interests:

  • Environmental and occupational exposure assessment
  • Air pollution health effects
  • Air quality
  • Transportation and air quality
  • Vegetation fires and air quality
  • Indoor air pollution
  • Development of sampling and analysis for air pollutants

Wayne Cascio, MD

US EPA Environmental Public Health Division

Research Interests:

  • Disorders of heart rhythm
  • Environmental Cardiology

Duncan Thomas, PhD

Co-director, Biostatistics division, Verna R. Richter Chair in Cancer Research 
University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine

Research Interests:

  • Development of statistical methods in epidemiology, with special emphasis on cancer epidemiology and occupational and environmental health
  • Statistical methods for genetic epidemiology

Philip Fine, PhD

Atmospheric Measurement Manager 
South Coast Air Quality Management District

Research Interests:

  • Urban and regional air pollution
  • Biomass combustion emissions
  • Organic components of airborne particulate matter
  • Health effects of inhaled particles
  • Particle sampling and control technologies

Michael Jerrett, PhD

Professor and Chair
Division of Environmental Health Sciences, Fielding School of Public Health
University of California Los Angeles

Professor in Residence
Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health
University of California Berkeley

Research Interests:

  • Environmental Health Modeling (Especially determinants of health)
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Accounting
  • Environmental Policy and Planning

Lucas Neas, ScD

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Epidemiology and Biomarkers Branch

Steve Sidney, MD, MPH

Associate Director for Clinical Research of the Division of Research
Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Research Interests:

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Physical activity and fitness
  • Acute coronary syndrome
  • Cerebrovascular disease
  • Obesity