Healthcare consultations

To reach us, call 1-206-221-8671 or email A health consultant will respond within 1-4 business days, depending on the number and nature of calls received.

Northwest PEHSU provides consultation services to health care providers to assist with the recognition, management and prevention of environmentally related health effects in children, pregnant people and adults with reproductive concerns. Our experts also provide evidence-based information to answer questions that providers may have regarding reproductive and pediatric environmental health issues. Our consultation services are free of charge and are conducted over phone and email. 

Northwest PEHSU is affiliated with the University of Washington Medical Center Roosevelt Pediatric Care Center and the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. While a vast majority of consultations are completed via phone and email, a patient referral for a clinic appointment may be advised. Clinic appointments are not funded by the PEHSU program.