Program Faculty

Program Director

Lianne Sheppard, PhD, is the Rohm and Haas Professor in Public Health Sciences, with appointments in EOHS and Biostatistics.  Her research interests focus on statistical methods for environmental and occupational epidemiology; they include study design and estimation of environmental exposure effects.  She leads and actively collaborates on EHS projects, currently her work focuses on air pollution and aging.  She has actively mentored many students and postdocs in biostatistical and EHS research, including as advisor or committee member for 33 PhD students in eight departments, twelve post docs, and many additional masters students.  She is PI of SURE-EH, a NIEHS-funded R25 to enhance diversity in the EHS by funding mentored undergraduate research experiences.  She is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, and Chair of the seven-member chartered Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee.  She has over 199 peer-reviewed publications, most in EHS areas.  Dr. Sheppard devotes 5% effort to administer BEBTEH.

Program Mentors


Quantitative Mentors

Life Sciences Mentors

Kathleen Kerr: Biostatistics
Ken Rice: Biostatistics
Ali Shojaie: Biostatistics
Noah Simon: Biostatistics
Jon Wakefield: Biostatistics
Amy Willis: Biostatistics
Daniela Witten: Biostatistics

Julia Cui: EOHS
Elaine Faustman: EOHS
Erica Fuhrmeister: EOHS
Yijie Geng: EOHS
Karen Levy: EOHS
Judit Marsillach: EOHS
Scott Meschke: EOHS
Christopher Simpson: EOHS
Zhengui Xia: EOHS



Quantitative Mentors

Life Sciences Mentors

Marco Carone: Biostatistics
Patrick Heagerty: Biostatistics
Eardi Lila: Biostatistics
Ken Rice: Biostatistics
Andrea Rotnitzky: Biostatistics
Lianne Sheppard: EOHS, Biostatistics
Adam Szpiro: Biostatistics
Jon Wakefield: Biostatistics
Ting Ye: Biostatistics


Elena Austin: EOHS
Joan Casey: EOHS
Daniel Enquobahrie: Epidemiology
Nicole Errett: EOHS
Elaine Faustman: EOHS
Anjum Hajat: Epidemiology
Catherine Karr: EOHS
Joel Kaufman: EOHS, Epi, Medicine
Steve Mooney: Epidemiology
Peter Rabinowitz: EOHS, Global Health
Coralynn Sack: EOHS
Edmund Seto: EOHS
Christopher Simpson: EOHS
June Spector: EOHS