BJ Cummings moderates panel on Environmental Justice in the Duwamish Valley

A screenshot of the title slide for the virtual panel with the organizer in a window to the right.

UW's Earthlab hosted the event as part of their Environmental Justice Salon Series

On May 4th, UW SRP’s Community Engagement Manager, BJ Cummings, moderated a panel titled "Community-Led Partnerships for Environmental Justice in the Duwamish Valley." The event was hosted by the UW’s EarthLab as part of their 2020-21 Environmental Justice Salon Series and featured speakers from the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition and Port Community Action Team, as well as the Director of Seattle Public Utilities, Mami Hara. The panel explored questions about what it means to center equity in environmental work and how to forge equitable partnerships between community, government and academia.