Training Core

UW SRP Trainees 2016
UW SRP Trainees 2016

Established in 2015, the UW SRP Training Core contributes to the support of doctoral and post-doctoral students in the departments represented by the UW SRP faculty including Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS), Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Genome Sciences and Civil Engineering. The Core has an outstanding record of accomplishment with regards to recruiting and retaining underrepresented minority trainees, with extensive leveraging from existing UW diversity program resources. 

All trainees engage in research projects that are compatible with both the trainees' backgrounds and their research interests. Trainees are required to participate in UW SRP activities, and encouraged to complete rotations in other UW SRP labs or cores. A strong emphasis is placed on providing rotation experience in the Research Translation and Community Engagement Cores, which will be especially beneficial to trainees ultimately seeking careers that bridge the gap between research with translation. In addition, a rotation internship with EPA Region 10 is being developed as an option, especially as the UW SRP Center develops increasing partnerships with federal and state government agencies. 

UW SRP Current Trainees 2016-2017

  • Pamela M. Barrett, PhD (Neumann & Gawel)
  • Jacqueline Garrick (Costa & Furlong)
  • Kevin Heffern (Gallagher)
  • Hao Wang (Xia)
  • Andrew Yeh (Gallagher)
  • Margaret Mills (Gallagher)

UW SRP Former Trainees 2015-2016

  • Chase Williams (Gallagher)
  • Judit Marsillach, PhD (Furlong)
  • Corey King, PhD (Neumann & Gawel)
  • Erin Hull, undergraduate (Neumann & Gawel)
  • Bobby Ardissono, undergraduate (Neumann & Gawel)

UW SRP Former Trainees pre-2015

Training Core Director: Evan P. Gallagher, Ph.D.

University of Washington SRP Program Director
Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences


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Fax: (206) 685-4696
Laboratory phone: (206) 543-1005