Updating our partners on recent UW SRP highlights

The University of Washington Superfund Research Program was active from 1986 to 2023. SRP sent updates to our partners via a quarterly eBulletin, featuring highlights from our research, community engagement and research translation activities. 

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Jackie Garrick stands in front of a cluttered lab bench, wearing a white face mask and lab coat.

October 2021

  • Shedding light on the role of an important antioxidant enzyme
  • Highlighting the potential role of cadmium exposure in neurodegenerative disease.
  • Sampling for arsenic in lake fish
  • Helping assess primary prevention programs for childhood lead exposure 
  • Visiting with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and community partners in Idaho.
  • Hosting a booth at the 15th annual Duwamish River Festival
  • Providing technical support to community partners
  • Engaging with students at Seattle's new Maritime High School
A sunfish lies on its side in an outstretched human hand

June 2021

  • UW SRP researchers collaborate with agency partners on risk communication

  • A new safer protocol to measure PON 1 activity

  • Trainee Jacqueline Garrick defends her thesis

  • UW SRP hosts seminar on sedimentation

  • UW SRP co-hosts NWTCC Summit

  • BJ Cummings wins historical association award

  • Milestones for UW SRP trainees

  • BJ Cummings moderates panel on Environmental Justice in the Duwamish Valley


Zhengui Xia and Hao Wang pose together after his dissertation defense

December 2020

  • Cadmium exposure disrupts the formation of new neurons in a part of the brain responsible for learning and memory
  • UW SRP co-hosts webinar on lead with academic, agency and community partners
  • Welcome Emily Patridge- our new administrator
  • Community Engagement Manager helps rename six parks along the Duwamish River
  • UW SRP trainees present at PANWAT
  • Protecting people from chemical exposure
  • Using fishing videos to engage potentially affected community members
  • Developing a Rapid COVID-19 Diagnosis
Fisher on the Duwamish River

July 2020

  • UW SRP releases video series about how to fish safely and legally on the Duwamish River
  • UW SRP co-hosts webinar on institutional controls
  • Dr. Hao Wang receives a KC Donnelly Externship
  • Lisa Hayward teaches a communication class
  • Megumi Matsushita presents to CHE-WA
  • UW SRP Project Four transfers technology
  • BJ Cummings publishes book on the Duwamish River
  • Translating cadmium research to local agencies
Three scientists in white lab coats standing in a lab.

April 2020

  • Dr. Clement Furlong (left) Receives $40 K Research Grant from the University of Washington Royalty Research Fund
  • Dr. Judit Marsillach participates in the Michael J. Fox Foundation's Researcher Hill Day
  • Dr. Margaret Mills accepts a new position with UW Virology
  • Webinar on Institutional Controls
  • Dr. Yadong Wang joins the Gallagher lab
  • Dr. Rebecca Neumann presents at AGU meeting
  • UW SRP presents about Duwamish health projects at Cascadia 2020
  • Collaborating on a virtual tour of Seattle's Duwamish River
Director Evan Gallagher in front of welcome slide from the SRP annual meeting

December 2019

  • UW SRP hosts the 2019 annual Superfund Research Program meeting in Seattle
  • Boat tour of the Lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund Site
  • Changes to local water quality standards could impact health
  • Webinar on the Proposed Rayonier Pulp Mill Cleanup
  • Samantha Fung wins best poster award
  • UW SRP volunteers to maintain Green Wall
  • Zhengui Xia in the news for work on cadmium
  • Project Four profiled by UW News
Two scientists in white lab coats stand in a lab.

September 2019

  • Cadmium exposure interferes with neurogenesis in the adult brain
  • UW SRP engages with community at the Duwamish River Festival
  • Trainee Ken Burkhart wins undergraduate research award
  • UW SRP hosts lab tours for youth
  • UW SRP leads a kayak tour on the Duwamish
  • UW SRP promotes healthy seafood consumption
Man in front of a slide saying "Little Things Matter"

June 2019

  • UW SRP hosts the annual summit of the Northwest Toxic Communities Coalition
  • Dr. Judit Marsillach selected for 2019 Data Innovation Lab
  • Low-cost devices collect samples to measure arsenic contamination
  • UW SRP co-Sponsors campus visit for the Duwamish Valley Youth Corps
  • UW SRP welcomes BJ Cummings as the new Manager of Community Engagement
  • Sampling underway at Lake Killarney
  • New paper on arsenic cycling in lakes
  • Dr. Zhengui Xia presents at the Harvard School of Public Health
Spawning coho salmon

April 2019

  • New UW SRP research shows that rising carbon emissions impact salmon olfaction
  • Translating UW SRP research for the Orca Recovery Task Force
  • Liz Guzy elected as a 2019 AAAS Community Engagement Fellow
  • UW SRP Co-Sponsors Free Environmental Justice Symposium
  • UW SRP Co-sponsors a Webinar by David Carpenter
  • Dr. Theo Bammler nominated for 2019 UW Distinguished Staff Award
  • Dr. Rebecca Neumann receives 2018 Charles S. Falkenburg Award
  • Hao Wang defends Ph.D. thesis