External Advisory Committee

The UW SRP External Advisory Committee (EAC) is comprised of scientists that provide expert guidance on multiple facets of the program. These individuals are equipped with the credentials and expertise to critically review the direction and scope of the program. The guidance of our EAC ensures the relevance and importance of our projects and cores to the overall goals of our program, while keeping our program well integrated, and assures our community engagement and training activities are appropriate. The EAC participates in a 1.5-day meeting in Seattle once per year, where they prepare a written report containing constructive criticisms and suggestions for improvement in the various aspects of our Program. A list of our current EAC members is below. 

Dr. Michael Aschner, PhD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. A. Jay Gandolfi, PhD
Professor Emeritus
University of Arizona

Dr. Harry F. Hemmond, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kira Lynch, MS
EPA Region X

Millie Piazza, PhD
Washington State Department of Ecology