Project 3: Role of paraoxonases (PONs) in modulating cadmium and manganese neurotoxicity

This project involved understanding the role of paraoxonases 1 and 2 (PON1 and PON2) in modulating oxidative stress-induced neurotoxicity. Both PONs exert antioxidant effects but have different tissue localizations, with PON1 situated in liver and blood and PON2 intercellularly in all tissues, including the brain.

The researchers examined the modifications of mouse paraoxonase 1 resulting from exposures to manganese and cadmium.

Researchers also examined the modulation of PON2 levels by estrogens and dopamine in the central nervous system and the role of microglial PON2 in the neuroprotective effects of estrogens. They also examined the levels of PON2 protein, activity and mRNA in macrophages and the role of PON2 in modulating susceptibility to manganese- and cadmium-induced oxidative stress.

A two-page fact sheet about the project is available here.

Principal Investigator: Clement Furlong

Dr. Furlong's bio