Research to practice

CHanGE members pursue research in all areas of global environmental change and health. The center focuses on applied research and the development of practical applications and decision support tools. The goal of CHanGE’s research to action program is to build a robust evidence base to identify what actions are needed, where they are needed most, and how to implement needed interventions at scale in order to protect people’s health and wellbeing as the climate changes.


CHanGE research focuses on documenting climate change health impacts from a diverse range of exposures, determining the communities most at risk, developing and testing interventions to protect health, communicating risks clearly effectively, and implementing proven strategies. From changes in the pollen season to sea level rise, from micronutrients to food systems, from early warnings to outbreak response, our experts are working across the globe to build evidence for action.

Decision Support

CHanGE members are committed to taking research to action and applying our research findings to maximize health protection around the world. CHanGE members develop and implement a wide range of tools, including vulnerability and adaptation assessments to guide public health decision making, health impact assessments to guide mitigation policy, and stress testing to identify and help address weak points in health system preparedness