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What is One Health?

The growing recognition of the links between human health, animal health, and the environment requires new tools for cooperation and collaboration between professionals working in these sectors.

Such transdisciplinary "One Health" approaches demand further development of a common body of knowledge and a common scientific and clinical vocabulary for understanding and controlling diseases affecting both human beings and animals that often are related to shared environmental exposures.

Emerging infectious diseases such as SARS, West Nile Virus infection, and avian/swine influenza have focused attention on infectious diseases that cross between animals and human beings; many of these diseases are manifestations of important environmental changes related to land use, climate change, intensification of food production, and other factors. Therefore, preventing such diseases must involve creating and maintaining healthy environments. Other environmental health risks that may be shared by human beings and animals include toxicants, allergens, and psychosocial issues. Working to improve such environments is a complex process that involves both professionals and communities.

The Mission of the Center for One Health Research

The UW Center for One Health Research (COHR) investigates the health linkages between humans, animals, and their shared environments; including zoonoses, comparative clinical medicine, animals as sentinels, animal worker health, food safety, and the human-animal bond. Through transdisciplinary partnerships, COHR develops innovative strategies for healthy coexistence between humans and animals in sustainable local and global ecosystems. In partnership with the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington.

What are the Focus Areas of the Center for One Health Research?

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