University courses

Env H 439/539 : One Health: Human and Animal Health in a Changing Environment

This course is an introduction to basic concepts in One Health. Using a case-based approach, the course follows the ECOHAB acronym for human-animal-ecosystem health connections: (EXPOSURES to zoonotic infectious diseases and other biological, chemical, and physical hazards, COMPARATIVE clinical similarities between humans and animals, OCCUPATIONAL aspects of working with animals, the HUMAN-ANIMAL-NATURE BOND, AGRICULTURE and food systems, and BIODIVERSITY). Concepts and approaches presented during classroom sessions will be reinforced through field self-study assignments at the Woodland Park Zoo and the University of Washington Farm.

ENV H 586: Seminar in Current Issues in Occupational Health at the Human-Animal Interface

This course provides a weekly seminar setting for presentations and discussions regarding a number of occupational and environmental health topics, with a focus on biological and physical hazards and their control.   It emphasizes current issues and real world situations faced in the practice of environmental and occupational health, This seminar will stress the application of a "One Health" approach considering human, animal, and environmental aspects of an occupational health challenge. The course will include critical reading of the literature and the design of model occupational health programs tailored to particular workforces and hazards.