Ebola: News Items

News items:


"Dallas Won't Kill the Dog of Ebola Patient" - Bloomberg News


"Texas Reports Positive Test for Ebola in Health Care Worker" - CDC


"We Don't Know A Lot About Dogs and Ebola - But We Should" - NPR

"Excalibur, The Dog Exposed to Ebola, Is Euthanized" - NPR


“Madrid's regional government said it would kill the pet dog of a Spanish nursing assistant who became infected with Ebola — overcoming the family's objections on Tuesday with a court order.” - NBC News

The family pet of the nurse who has contracted Ebola will be euthanized to protect the public from possible exposures, according to Madrid's regional government. The nurse, Teresa Romero Ramos, became ill after caring for a Spanish priest who died of Ebola. Authorities have told her husband, Javier Limon Romero, that the dog must be put down as a protective measure. Through his Romero is appealing to the public to put pressure on the health authorities to allow the dog to remain in quarantine in the family home. - The Guardian

CDC Director Tom Frieden acknowledges that there is little knowledge about how the Ebola virus might affect pets - C-SPAN, time 25:45

Smuggled Bushmeat Is Ebola's Back Door to America” - Newsweek

The inability of local health care providers and international aid groups to contain the virus is part of the problem. But major demographic and environmental changes in Africa are also contributing to the crisis.” - NPR