UW Intro to One Health Course ENV H 439/539


COHR offers an annual undergrad/graduate course in One Health ENV H 439/539

What is One Health? 

Emerging infectious diseases such as Zika, Ebola, West Nile Virus, and avian/swine influenza have focused attention on infectious diseases that cross between animals and human beings; many of these diseases are manifestations of important environmental changes related to land use, climate change, intensification of food production, and other factors. Therefore, preventing such diseases must involve creating and maintaining healthy environments. Other environmental health risks that may be shared by human beings and animals include toxicants, allergens, and psychosocial issues. Working to improve such environments is a complex process that involves both professionals and communities.

In ENV H 439/539, students will explore the One Health concept, through a case based approach. Topics include emerging zoonotic infectious diseases transmitted between humans and animals, animals as sentinels of environmental hazards, the human-animal bond, and the comparison of spontaneous diseases between human and animals. Includes two optional field trips.


Seminar in Occupational Health of Animal Workers

ENV H 586 Current Issues in Occupational Health at the Human Animal Interface

Problem-based seminar about the occupational health issues faced by workers with animal contact, including animal agriculture workers, veterinary workers, wildlife workers, and laboratory animal workers. Anchoring course for trainees in the Occupational Health at the Human Animal Interface (OHHAI) training grant.


Field Trip, May 31, 2017