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Map of Seattle showing by zip code which areas are most vulnerable to COVID-19

Mapping vaccine access

New mapping tool developed by EDGE members helps City of Seattle prioritize equitable access to COVID-19 vaccination

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A plume of wildfire smoke behind the center of a small town showing brick buildings and cars.

6 ways communities can prepare for wildfire season

As smoke season continues in Washington, a new report outlines the best ways to communicate health and safety risks

A screenshot of Washington’s Environmental Health Disparities Map when filtered for environmental health disparities.

New data pinpoints pollution’s health risks

Popular map developed by DEOHS and our partners to explore environmental health disparities, vulnerabilities in Washington gets an update

A person with only torso and arms in view bathing a golden retriever in a bathtub.

Can pets get monkeypox?

UW Center for One Health Research launches new study on monkeypox transmission between people and their pets

A woman wearing a headset stands at a listening station next to a tall portrait of a doctor, while two girls next to her look at a second tall portrait of a woman.

Telling the story of wildfire smoke risks

New art installation in Washington features trusted community members sharing how wildfire smoke affects their health—and how they cope

A group of six students stand with Professor Roberts on a deck with trees in the background.

Mentor, microbiologist, communicator

DEOHS Professor Marilyn Roberts retires after 41 years in the UW School of Public Health

A yellow sign reading "water over roadway" is reflected in floodwaters.

An urgent call to action on climate change

UW authors in new IPCC report emphasize the accelerating threats to human health and well-being

Dr. Catherine Carr demonstrates blowing into a filter while a child blows into a device measuring lung inflammation.

Training future specialists in pediatric environmental health

DEOHS faculty launch fellowship to prepare health care providers for careers in the science of early-life exposures

Six people in masks stand around a sign in Spanish offering financial assistance during the pandemic to immigrants.

Following the community’s lead in the pandemic

DEOHS researchers partner with communities of color across Washington to assess health equity and food security in the pandemic

Three young girls sit on a grassy hillside in a smoggy city.

Healthy air for healthy children

Major health problems in children linked to air pollution, says DEOHS Professor Catherine Karr, co-author of new American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement

A woman dressed in a yellow shirt holds a bowl of leafy greens and other vegetables.

Air pollution and high blood pressure in children

Prenatal exposure to air pollution is associated with high blood pressure in early childhood—but good maternal nutrition may offer protection, according to a new study from UW School of Public Health researchers and partners

A man stands in a lab holding a swab in its paper packaging.

Can a single test detect both TB and COVID-19?

It’s one of several innovative ideas to help end TB from the research lab of DEOHS Professor Jerry Cangelosi

In a park, a woman in a face mask holds a mobile phone while observing a runner with a dog on a leash.

King County gets high marks for masking

More than 85% of observed King County residents masked up in public, UW researchers find in partnership with King County and Washington State Department of Health