Integrative Environmental Health Sciences Facility Core

Catherine Karr, Director
Nicole Errett, Co-Director
Karen Jansen, Manager

Contact Person: Karen Jansen
Phone: 206-685-6392

Core services:

Clinical & Translational Services:

  • Two-way facilitation of interaction between basic scientists and clinical/translational/population-based scientists, to enable innovative approaches that span disciplines.
  • A dedicated core facility space for clinical testing, physiological testing, and collection and storage of human samples.
  • Assistance with IRB issues, identification of staffing solutions for human subjects research, subject recruitment/screening and retention, laboratory assay coordination and organization and application of toxicokinetic approaches.
  • Help developing repositories of samples from well-characterized populations with specific environmental exposures.

Disaster Response Research (DR2) Services:

  • Provide consultations to EDGE investigators on DR2 study design
  • Support the preparation and review of time-sensitive DR2 related grant proposals
  • Work with EDGE Center investigators to develop DR2 protocols
  • Work with the UW Human Subjects Division to obtain provisional approval of protocols and/or procedures for rapid review of such protocols
  • Train EDGE Center and other investigators on rigorous, safe and ethical DR2 conduct
  • Assist in coordination with state and local public health and emergency management officials and the broader UW disasters and hazards research community as appropriate