The Center for Exposures, Diseases, Genomcis, and Environment (EDGE) has over 80 affiliated members (see the Member Directory for a complete list of current members). Each member is classified either as an Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) Core Center Investigator or a Clinicial and Translational Science (CTS) Investigator

To qualify for EDGE membership as an EHS Core Investigator you must be a UW faculty member who in the past five years has been principal investigator on a National Insitute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) funded grant (including Projects or Cores of NIEHS Program grants), and/or who was senior author on at least one EHS-focused original research article in a major journal (top tier journals, and / or major EHS journals such as Environmental Health Perspectives, Environmental Research, or Toxicological Sciences).

To qualify for EDGE membership as a CTS Investigator you must be a UW faculty member who has research interests that are relevant to one or more of the EDGE Collaborative Research Teams (CRT), has active National Insitutes of Health (NIH) grant support, a strong interest in participating in EDGE activities, and is working principally in an area of clinical or translational research, but who doesn't yet meet the criteria for Core EHS Investigator.

Benefits of EDGE Membership:

As an EDGE Investigator, you are entitled to:

  • Free or subsidized access to three state-of-the-art EDGE Facility Cores: The Functional Genomics & Proteomics Core, the Integrative Environmental Health Sciences Facility Core, and the Exposure Assessment, Biomarkers & Metabolomics Facility Core
  • Consultations and services provided by the Community Outreach and Ethics Core
  • Opportunities for mentorship and career development for young investigators through the Career Development & Mentoring Core
  • Opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborations with other EDGE members across all five Collaborative Research Teams

Responsibilities of EDGE Members:

In order to retain membership status, investigators must:

  • Demonstrate annually that they continue to meet the basic criteria relevant to their category of membership (Core EHS Investigator or CTS Investigator)
  • Have participated in EDGE-sponsored events and reported on their use of Center resources and any Center-related outreach activities they have engaged in

Much of this information will be gathered through an annual electronic survey that all members are required to complete.  Results from these annual surveys are summarized and presented to the Internal Advisory Committee. That committee uses this information to evaluate the level of participation of each Center member and identify those that may no longer be helping the Center achieve its objectives. EDGE members who fail to complete the annual survey, or who demonstrate a lack of participation in Center activities for the previous year, will be notified that their membership will be terminated unless they can provide evidence of their continued interest and planned participation in the Center.