Exposure Assessment, Biomarkers & Environmental Sensing Facility Core

Chris Simpson, Director of Biomarkers & Exposure Assessment
Elena Austin, Co-Director, Environmental Sensing
Edmund Seto, Co-Director, Environmental Sensing

Contact Person: Christopher Simpson
Email: simpson1@uw.edu
Phone: 206-543-3204

Core Services:

The EABES-FC provides support for environmental health scientists in four core areas:

  • Expert consultation regarding sampling plans and measurements of exposure to chemical agents (e.g., volatile organic compounds, metals, particulates)
  • Full-service exposure assessment capability including loaning sampling & analysis equipment such as GPS-enabled personal exposure monitors, collection of exposure data, chemical analysis of environmental and biological samples for chemical agents, and interpretation of exposure data
  • Development of tissue and biofluid metabolomic profiling as a tool for discovery of biomarkers of exposure and environmentally induced disease
  • Development of sensitive and specific quantitative mass spectrometry-based assays for application to biomarkers of exposure