Air Pollution

Summary of the Diesel Exhaust Exposure in the Duwamish Study (DEEDS)

Submitted by lhayward on Thu, 02/20/2020 - 12:36

This results newsletter was created to inform community participants about the results of a study they were involved in to measure diesel emissions in five different Seattle neighborhoods. Figures show wide disparities in pollution levels within Seattle. Information about the health impacts of air pollution is also included.



Community-based Air Monitoring

Submitted by lhayward on Mon, 01/13/2020 - 11:41

This fact sheet summarizes lessons learned from the establishment of the Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Network. Community-engaged research can be complicated because it must meet the scientists' standards rigor while having meaning for the community and support to ensure longevity and lasting change. The Imperial County project serves as a success story with important lessons for other projects. This sheet also briefly describes the work of the Seto lab. It was produced to distribute at a Public Health Cafe event held in South Park, Seattle in the fall of 2019.

Health effects of air pollution

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This fact sheet summarizes the health impacts of air pollution and the ways that these impacts have been studied. It also includes a brief overview of work from the lab of Joel Kaufman, Acting Director of EDGE. It was produced to distribute at a Public Health Cafe event held in South Park, Seattle in the fall of 2019.

EDGE Acting Director named editor of leading environmental health journal

As a physician with a passion for science, social justice and patient care, Dr. Joel Kaufman gravitated to public health from his earliest days as a college student pursuing BA and MD degrees in a combined six-year program.

Kaufman’s multiple titles at the University of Washington reflect his wide range of interests: professor of environmental and occupational health sciences, epidemiology and general internal medicine and former interim dean of the School of Public Health.

FAST FACTS: Ports, Movement of Goods, and Community Health

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A one-page handout that provides information for a general audience about activities at ports in Seattle and around the U.S. and how they might impact public health. The handout also includes short descriptions of EDGE research related to ports and movement of goods, as well as a list of ways to get involved and be part of the solution to this growing problem.

Public health experts and climate researchers convene to address communication challenges related to wildfire smoke


As Central Washington became choked with wildfire smoke last summer, Dr. Mark Larson grew so concerned about air quality measures in Kittitas County that he couldn’t sleep for 10 days.

As the health officer for Kittitas County, Larson felt it was his duty to recommend canceling outdoor activities. But as a 20-year community resident, he also knew that the Kittitas Rodeo was right around the corner—a nationally known event that can bring in more than $8 million to the local economy in a single weekend.

EDGE engagement project lifts moods in the smoke-choked Methow Valley

Typically, summer in the Methow Valley is a time to hike, bike, camp, river raft, mountain climb, attend outdoor arts festivals, and otherwise enjoy the spectacular natural setting.

Lately, things are different. Wildfire season has hit the Methow Valley hard the last five years, causing hazardous smoke conditions that can persist for weeks on end, often making residents feel trapped and isolated.