Using Accessible Language

A reporter interviews a young woman in a library setting.

Using language that is easy to understand is an important first step in increasing the impact of your science. 

Whether presenting to a non-technical audience, talking with the media, or interacting with diverse collaborators, there is an increasing need for scientists to explain their science in ways that are easy to understand. 

Throughout your scientific training, you were taught to communicate in a style that works well with other scientists, but not with a general audience. Learning to make your science more accessible is hard and requires its own training and practice. 

This 25-minute training video introduces one fundamental strategy and a readily available tool to increase the impact of your communications with people outside your field. It’s meant to accompany an exercise that will require you to use an abstract of your own or someone else’s and will likely take up to an hour to complete. 


Any questions about the training or requests for more information may be directed to Lisa Hayward at