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Reality Tales – Injury and Illness on the Farm

The Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (PNASH) and Radio Cadena (KDNA) offer three Spanish audio programs (avaiablie with English transcripts) on important health and safety issues faced by farmworkers and their families. Each story holds lessons on how to stay safe.
Recommended users:

  • Radio Stations Serving Spanish Speaking Listening Audiences
  • Health and Safety Trainers
  • Community Health Workers

The Chavira Family 

This family of six lives in a house on a ranch. They have the same dreams and goals as many other families that immigrate to America in search of work. Listen as they cope with a variety of issues common to farmworkers.

Illustration of the Chavira family.
Illustrated by Stacey Holland

Illustrated by Stacey 

Drama 1: Pesticides
Sr. Chavira is a farmworker on an orchard. His compadre, Oswaldo, becomes ill from handing pesticide containers without wearing protective gloves. Sr. Chavira learns how to prevent pesticide overexposure from the doctor at the local clinic.  

Drama 2: Asthma
Natalie, the youngest child, suffers from asthma. Señora Chavira takes Natalie to the local clinic where clinic staff and an attending pediatrician teach them about pediatric asthma and its connection to air pollution.

Drama 3: Work Place Abuse
Carissa, the oldest daughter, begins working at a cherry packing plant with her mother. The foreman seems to like her and his behavior is making her very uncomfortable. Through this experience, Carissa, Mrs. Chavira and Mrs. Chavira’s friend learn about worker rights while on the job.  

  • Work Place Abuse Part 1.
    At home: The Chavira Family are getting ready for work and are discussing child labor laws and a bullying supervisor. At work: Mrs. Chavira, her daughter Carissa, and their friend Medrano discuss worker rights over their lunch hour. (6:21)
  • Work Place Abuse Part 2.
    At work: The ladies continue their discussion about worker rights and payroll deductions. (6:02)
  • Work Place Abuse Part 3.
    Driving home: The ladies discuss the laws against sexual harassment. At home: Mrs Chavira and Carissa discuss how to deal with the unwelcome flirtation by Carissa’s supervisor. (6:33)
    (pdf transcript from Spanish)

Drama 4: Clean Water


Workers' Ladder Injury Stories

Photo by Stacey Holland

Listen to real workers discuss their stories about falls from ladders, the injuries they suffered, and the consequences they and their families face. Mixed in with a talk show aired on Radio KDNA, Granger Washington, these workers share important advice for their fellow farmworkers and supervisors on how to prevent tragic ladder falls.    

Workers' Ladder Injury Stories (14:13)
(pdf transcript from Spanish)


Heat Illness

Heat Exhaustion Illustration

Four short radio dramas help the listening audience understand what causes heat illnesses, how to recognize, treat, and prevent them. The dramas include details on:  Heat rash and cramps, Heat syncope (fainting), Heat exhaustion, and Heat stroke.

Heat Cramps and Rash (4:43)
(pdf transcript from Spanish)

Heat Syncope-Fainting (3:00)
(pdf transcript from Spanish)

Heat Exhaustion (3:33)
(pdf transcript from Spanish)

Heat Stroke (3:33)
(pdf transcript from Spanish)