PNASH Research Projects

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Our projects are multidisciplinary and respond to a variety of needs, from health care and monitoring to safety engineering and training.

Projects are competitively reviewed and funded. Topics we propose:

  • Address hazards that are the most serious, affect the greatest number of workers, and where that research will make a difference.
  • Meet the needs of Northwest employers, workers, and service providers. We have established a process that engages constituencies from agricultural, health, and safety to help us establish research priorities.

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PNASH Research Priorities

PNASH Center priorities are established from regional needs assessments from data review and stakeholder advisories, and guided by the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) for Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing.

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Forestry Workforce Location- and Wearable-based Activity Recognition to Quantify on-the Job Digital Health and Safety Metrics

NIOSH 2022-2027 | Robert Keefe, PhD and Eloise Zimbelman, PhD

Logging is among the most dangerous professions in the United States. Manual felling of timber with chainsaws and setting of cable log chokers accounted for 47% of injuries in Idaho between 2011-2014.

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Respiratory Health and Indoor Air Quality in the Cannabis Industry

NIOSH 2022-2027 | Christopher Simpson, PhD and Carolyn Sack, MD

Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic expansion of the Cannabis industry in multiple US states.

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Engineering Solutions to Reduce Pesticide Exposure and Waste on Northwest Fruit Farms

NIOSH 2022-2027 | Edward Kasner, PhD and Lav Khot

The overall objectives of this project are to evaluate emerging pesticide application technologies and educational programming as interventions for breaking the pesticide exposure pathway on Northwest

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Tracking Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Health Indicators: RISC Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

NIOSH 2022-2027 | Viktor Bovbjerg, PhD, MPH

Fatal and non-fatal injuries in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sectors remain both elevated and poorly documented, compared to other work settings.

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Fishermen Led Injury Prevention Program (FLIPP) for Lifejackets Mobile Program

NIOSH 2022-2027 | Laurel Kincl, PhD

In commercial fishing, fatalities occur when those lost were not wearing a lifejacket. Commercial fishermen deaths have extended impacts on the coastal communities and families.

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Characterizing determinants of stress, fatigue, and injury risk in log truck drivers

PNASH Pilot Project 2021-2022 | Marissa Baker and June Spector

Log truck drivers represent a high risk and understudied population. The nature of their work scheduling (i.e. shift-work) and job demands increase the likelihood of fatigue and stress in this population

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Pesticide Exposures and Risk Perceptions among Male and Female Latinx Farmers in Idaho

PNASH Pilot Project 2021-2022 | Carly Hyland

Previous studies have documented high levels of pesticide exposure among Latinx farmworkers, however investigations to date have focused almost exclusively on men, despite female farmworkers representing

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Prevention of Occupational Exposure to Pesticide Drift

NIOSH 2016-2022 | Richard Fenske, Ph.D, MPH and Edward Kasner, Ph.D, MPH

Pesticide drift is a long-standing issue in the Pacific Northwest, especially for the tree fruit industry and workforce. This project aims to understand the mechanisms of pesticide drift exposure among

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Commercial Fishing Fatalities Among Alaska Native Fishermen

PNASH Pilot Project 2021-2022 | Jerry Dzugan and Leann Fay

Fatality rates of the commercial fishing industry are among the highest of all occupational areas worldwide. Though Alaska commercial fishing fatalities from falling overboard are on the decline,

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