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FLIPP Resources for Commercial Fishermen

FLIPP - Fishermen Led Injury Prevention Program. Fishermen helped develop these ideas to reduce the risk of injury and stay fishing.

PFDs for Crab Fishing

"The best PFD is the one you wear!" This study summary shows fishermen had various opinions about PFDs. Personal preference was an important factor.

NIOSH Commercial Fishing Safety

NIOSH Commercial Fishing Safety website has the most comprehensive fishing safety materials resources.

Key Harvesting Safety Practices

This tri-fold brochure covers ways to reduce body stress, strain and injury on the farm. Including all harvesting methods, harvest assist platform, and orchard ladder safety.

Recognizing & Reducing Safety Hazards in Northwest Potato Production

"Hazard Sheets" to identify potential hazards on your farm and recommendations on how to minimize the likelihood of work-related injuries.

NASD - National Ag Safety Database

An online database of resources for Agricultural safety, health and injury prevention. The site is maintained by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Online course: Understanding Pediatric Outcomes from Pesticides and Nitrates

This free CME online course offered through the Northwest Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSU), provides information needed to understand potential risks to pediatric patients and inform clinical problem solving regarding pesticide exposure.

¡Etiquetas de pesticidas, ahora!™/Pesticide Labels, Now!™

User friendly, free, mobile interface to search, access, and download pesticide labels approved for use in Washington.


A premium mobile application developed by the University of Washington that delivers detailed pesticide safety information in both Spanish and English.

Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety: Nursery, Greenhouse, and Forestry Pesticide Handlers

Online solutions for handheld pesticide application equipment. Solutions for nursery, greenhouse, and forestry pesticide handlers.

Workplace Safety & Health Videos for Agriculture

The best agricultural safety videos are one click away on the new YouTube channel, U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers.

Dairy Farming Hygiene & Health

Evidence based instructional brochure for training purposes.