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Heat training book cover

Heat Illness Facilitator's Guide

A train-the-trainer guide for the identification, prevention, and treatment of heat illness in outdoor agricultural workers. Part of the Heat Illness Toolkit.

Heat Illness training book cover

Guía para facilitadores de enfermedades causadas por el calor

Una guía para capacitar al capacitador para la identificación, prevención y tratamiento de enfermedades causadas por el calor en trabajadores agrícolas al aire libre. Parte del kit de herramientas para enfermedades causadas por el calor.

logging rigging guide

Logging Rigging Guide | Guía por Aparejo en el Madereo

Fatigue and log truck driver safety

How fatigue impacts log truck driver safety

Poison Oak

Poison Oak | Zumaque Venenoso

how to use a chainsaw safely part 2

How to Use a Chainsaw Safely - Part 2

Hand holding phone


English & Spanish pesticide label safety and environmental protection info in your hands. / Información de seguridad y protección al ambiente de las etiquetas de pesticidas.

graphic of worker in the heat

Adjusting to the Heat Poster

Tips for adjusting to working in the heat in agriculture. Part of the Heat Toolkit

image of wildfire smoke safety magnet

Be Smoke Ready flier

Provides information on air quality, smoke health effects, and tips to reduce smoke exposure. 

Logging skidder

Hearing Loss - Risks and Prevention in Logging

Cover for report

Glosario de servicios forestales | Glossary of Forestry Services Terms


Talking about Ticks - Lyme disease

This free webinar from AgriSafe covers how to: prevent tick bites, remove a tick if bitten, and spotting signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease.


How to Use a Chainsaw Safely - Part 1

Learn how to operate a chainsaw to fell trees. Topics include choosing an appropriate saw, safety features, proper posture, and more.

image of resource

Wildfire Smoke Resources for Agricultural Families in Chelan County

Local and state resources for wildfire smoke in Chelan County


Respiratory Exposures and Outcomes Among Cannabis Workers (webinar)