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Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety: Protecting Agricultural Pesticide Handlers

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AgrAbility through education and assistance, AgrAbility enhances quality of life for agricultural workers with disabilities.

Farm Safety For Just Kids offers both materials for parents and children on farm safety.

Farm Safety Links from MEDLINEplus

Farm Safety & Health Information Clearinghouse is a comprehensive site managed by the University of Minnesota.

National Agricultural Library is a prime source for world-wide access to agricultural information.

The National Agricultural Safety Database (NASD)  is an online collection of information about health, safety and injury prevention in agriculture. The site in maintained by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

The Pacific Northwest Extension Service has a number of fact sheets in their Farm Safety Series (English and Spanish)

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Wildfire Smoke Resources for Agricultural Families in Chelan County

Local and state resources for wildfire smoke in Chelan County


Respiratory Exposures and Outcomes Among Cannabis Workers (webinar)


SHARP Cannabis Update

2020 report of injury and illness in the legal cannabis industry. Washington state workers’ comp claims, 2014-2018.

PNASH Research

Respiratory Health and Indoor Air Quality in the Cannabis Industry

NIOSH Funding Period 2022-2027 | Christopher Simpson, PhD and Carolyn Sack, MD

Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic expansion of the Cannabis industry in multiple US states.

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Engineering Solutions to Reduce Pesticide Exposure and Waste on Northwest Fruit Farms

NIOSH Funding Period 2022-2027 | Edward Kasner, PhD, MPH and Lav Khot, PhD

The overall objectives of this project are to evaluate emerging pesticide application technologies and educational programming as interventions for breaking the pesticide exposure pathway on Northwest fruit farming systems.

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Tracking Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Health Indicators: RISC 2.0

NIOSH Funding Period 2022-2027 | Viktor Bovbjerg, PhD, MPH

Fatal and non-fatal injuries in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sectors remain both elevated and poorly documented, compared to other work settings.

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