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Heat Education & Awareness Tools (HEAT) is a set of resources and tools developed in collaboration with agricultural workers and educators, to promote workplace safety and health in agriculture. The HEAT Toolkit provides a training guide for the identification, prevention, and treatment of heat illness and is available in both English and Spanish (pdf format). It includes worksite posters and interactive educational materials for workers. The facilitator's guide and curriculum provide a comprehensive approach to heat illness prevention by addressing risk factors for agricultural workers at the individual, workplace, and community levels.

Ordering Heat Toolkits

Links for all HEAT materials are freely available for digital (pdf) download below. The same materials are also available in print and can be purchased in bulk through our print and ship storefront. Employers, trainers, and educators can print one FREE HEAT Toolkit (value of $35) with promo code. Please email pnash@uw.edu or call (206) 616-1958 to request a promo code.

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Heat Education and Awareness Tools (HEAT)


Facilitator's Guide

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Guía para facilitadores

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image of worker under the tree

Symptoms and treatment for heat illness

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Risk factors for heat illness

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Clothing for work in hot weather

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Staying hydrated at work

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) and heat

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Keeping cool in the home and community

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Photo of the best practices for heat illness poster

Best Practices for Preventing Heat Illness

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