Fishing Safety

Recommended Resource

NIOSH Commercial Fishing Safety website has the most comprehensive fishing safety materials resources.

Additional Resources

The British Columbia Worker's Compensations Board (BC WCB) in Canada has an extensive selection of their own publications on topics in farming, fishing, and forestry.

Encyclopedia of Occupational Safety and Health developed by the International Labor Office, Inc. provides an excellent review of many workplace hazards and specific information on the hazards of agriculture, fishing, and forestry.

Health Initiative of the Americas 10th Anniversary Report features accmoplishment made towards immigrant health and was produced by the School of Public Helath, University of California, Berkeley.

Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (OROSHA) produces a number of publications.

PUBMED is an online directory of medical publications with study abstracts managed by the National Library of Medicine.

Washington Department of Labor and Industries (WISHA) has many publications and videos available free of charge or through their lending library.

The Workers' Guide to Health and Safety provides practical information on workplace safety and features real-life worker stories. It was released in May, 2015 by Hesperian Health Guides.