Wildfire Smoke Safety

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Stay safe while working in smoky air

The Pacific Northwest farm and forestry workforce face the threat of co-exposures during the late harvest season. Essential work during the COVID-19 pandemic overlaps with extreme temperatures during summer heat waves and wildfire smoke.

Exposure to wildfire smoke is associated with respiratory conditions and can exacerbate underlying asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A 2018 student-led PNASH research study found that nearly 75% of surveyed farmworkers near Mattawa, Washington reported being exposed to an unhealthy amount of wildfire smoke on the job, and 100% of respondents reported that they had little or no information about how to protect themselves from smoke.

Employer Checklists


WA Employer Checklist

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Workplace Requirements

Recommended resources for wildfire smoke safety

Northwest regional resources



WA Smoke Blog
WA Dept. of Health
WA Air Quality Monitoring Map
WA Air Quality Advisor (WAQA)
WA Dept. of Labor
WA Rulemaking


OR Smoke Blog 
OR Health Authority
OR Air Quality Monitoring Map
OR Dept of Labor
OR Rulemaking


ID Smoke Blog
ID Dept. of Health & Welfare
ID Air Quality Monitoring Map
ID Department of Environmental Quality


AK Fire Info
AK Dept. of Health & Social Services
AK Air Quality Monitoring
AK Wildfire Smoke
AK Wildfire Smoke Particulate Matter Information

Cal/OSHA Worker Safety and Health in Wildfire Regions

Additional resources for wildfire smoke preparedness

PNASH Resources

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Be Smoke Ready flier

Provides information on air quality, smoke health effects, and tips to reduce smoke exposure. 

climate change loteria

Climate Change Lotería

This game introduces the science of climate change. Fun for all-ages and inspired by the traditional game, Lotería!

Wildfire smoke

Health Impacts Paper

2020 WA state wildfire smoke episode: Increased exposures and potential exposure reductions.

PNASH Research