Confronting the Health Risks of Climate Change: Integrating Science and Public Health Practice to Improve Preparedness for Worsening Heat Events, Air Pollution, and Environmental Degradation in the NW

(CDC/NIOSH 2009-2012) Climate change will have serious and long-term consequences for public health. The greatest impacts will be in cities with milder summers, less air conditioning and higher population density, which are characteristic of the Pacific Northwest. A multi-disciplinary team of UW scientists will evaluate the impact of climate change on human health in the Pacific Northwest, work with local communities to study health risks that will likely occur in the next 35 years and uncover how communities might mitigate those risks. This 3-year project aims to develop an evidence-based forecast of health impacts for different communities. This evidence will enable public health officials to develop specific plans of action to prevent health risks associated with climate change.

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