Educational Video(s) for Farmworker Ladder Safety and Heat Illness Prevention

This project expanded the use of two recent PNASH-produced Spanish radio programs on ladder safety and heat-related illness prevention into a video tool for farmworker training.

Tree fruit is one of Washington's largest industries and the No. 1 apple producer in the US. Injuries on orchards alone account for 45-58% of workers compensation claims in the Washington state. PNASH research identified that the key cause of orchard injuries is laters. Heat exposure has also been identified as an important cause of non-fatal heat-related illness and death in agricultural workers. This project worked to develop educational training videos on ladder safety and heat-related illness prevention applying results from previous PNASH research and messages from previously developed educational radionovelas. 

These educational videos address two significant hazards in farm work: "Orchard ladders: Life-changing injury stories. Real workers, real events" and "Working in the Heat Novellas. Awareness, Response and Prevention for Heat Illness" (Spanish with English subtitles). These videos translate PNASH research findings and previous radio programs into accessible and relatable training tools.  They can be viewed online on our Ag Centers' collective YouTube channel at,


Principal InvestigatorRichard Fenske, PhD, MPH
Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
University of Washington

Washington State MAAF 2012-2014

Partners and Advisories
Northwest Communities Education Center/Radio KDNA
Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers
Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Orchard ladders: Life-changing injury stories. Real workers, real events video

Working in the Heat Novellas. Awareness, Response and Prevention for Heat Illness video