Harvesting Better Health, COVID-19 Safety on the Radio

Radio KDNA studio
Working together to cultivate trust and and harvest better health during COVID-19, Radio KDNA announces the launch of a new program reaching out to the farmworker community.
Inside the Radio KDNA studio

Campaign Message

The PNASH Center is partnering with local community organizations and agencies to launch a Spanish radio campaign, sharing information on COVID-19 with the farmworker community throughout Washington State. The campaign launched in January 2021.

Working along-side PNASH are campaign partners including Northwest Communities’ Education Center, Radio KDNA - El Proyecto Bienestar, Washington Growers League, the Department of Labor and Industries, and the Department of Health.

The campaign is hosted by Radio KDNA, La Voz de los Campesinos, a Spanish language, public radio station in the heart of the Yakima Valley located in Eastern Washington.

Radio KDNA will broadcast a one-hour episode each week, through the end of March. Content includes expert testimonials accompanied by daily 60 second COVID-19 radio informational messages. The topics discussed include safety orders, workplace requirements, and testing and vaccine information.

Using this radio programming approach, the hope is to reach farmworkers who work and live in rural isolated areas or farms, including H2-A workers.

Campaign Messages & Goals

  1. Let's work together to reopen Washington and rebuild our communities.
  2. Give farmworkers support and hope as we work together to end the pandemic.
  3. Wear your mask to protect the most vulnerable.
  4. Follow the safety guidelines to protect the health of our families and communities.
  5. Share information to build confidence in the vaccine.

Campaign Message

A Broader Outreach Effort

The radio campaign is one component of a broader outreach effort. The team will also be developing a fotonovela to provide culturally tailored COVID-19 information as well as distributing materials, masks and hand sanitizer. In partnership with the Washington Growers League, the team will be getting the resources and protective equipment to 3,000 workers.

The PNASH Center, Washington Grower’s League, and Department of Labor and Industries, and Department of Health will be supporting the development of health and safety messages and participating as guest speakers on the programs.

The project is an outreach effort funded through March 31st, 2021 and made possible with funding from the Washington State Department of Health. To listen, tune into 91.9FM or visit http://www.kdna.org/ and select the Listen tab.

Follow the campaign

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