Monday, November 7, 2016 - 14:12

We are happy to announce PNASH Center's new NIOSH award for our next five years. Center Director, Richard Fenske, Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, attributes the Center's success, "to the quality of our interdisciplinary research teams and our commitment to industries, workers and communities to address issues that are meaningful to them."

The new Center Award for 2016-2021, consists of six 5-year projects and an Outreach Core to support engagement and education as we partner with worker, industry, health care, government, academic, and community groups to address key hazards and promote safe and sustainable workplaces. The six new project can be broken down into Research, Prevention/Intervention, Surveillance and Translation.


Prevention of Occupational Exposure to Pesticide Drift (Fenske, P.I.) 
This project aims to understand the mechanisms of pesticide drift exposure among agricultural workers and prevent such exposures in the future.

The Healthy Dairy Worker Study (Rabinowitz, P.I.)
This partnership study with WSU will enroll new workers in the dairy industry and evaluate microbiome changes over time.


A Multi-Tiered Approach to Heat Related Illness Prevention in Agricultural Workers (Spector, P.I.) 
The project will assess a proposed work-based intervention program as well as whether off-hour environmental conditions contribute to risk for HRI during work.

Injury and Illness Prevention in the Pacific Northwest for the Dairy Industry (Yost, P.I.) This project is designed to deliver and evaluate worker safety training, and will include newly hired workers recruited for the Healthy Dairy Worker Study.


Safety Surveillance for Pacific Northwest Fisheries (Kincl, P.I., Oregon State University) 
The combination of casualty data collected by NIOSH and fishermen safety data from insurance claims will inform the foundation for ongoing, scalable, practical surveillance systems for hazard assessment and evaluation in the commercial fishing industry.


Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety (Galvin, P.I.) 
This project will identify and evaluate solutions that farm managers, forest service managers, and pesticide handlers can implement to minimize pesticide exposures.