Prevention Through Design in New Technologies

SESSION II. Prevention through Design in New Technologies

Chairs: Aaron Yoder, PhD, MS, CS-CASH, & Chandran Achutan, MS, PhD, University of Nebraska

This session will discuss the usability and feasibility of new injury prevention technologies that have been or are in the process of being developed and implemented. Presenters will provide information on current and emerging issues that may be addressed by new technologies; methods of engaging agricultural workers to use new technologies; innovative testing methods; the use of feedback protocols; and collection of quantitative and qualitative performance measures. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion composed of the speakers.

Introduction - Brad Husberg, Director, CDC/ NIOSH

Etiquetas Bilingues de Pesticidas/Bilingual Pesticide Safety Project: Research>> Translation>>Commercialization

Kit Galvin, MS, CIH, PNASH, University of Washington

New Pesticide Application Technologies

Edward Kasner, PhD, PNASH, University of Washington

Design Solutions for Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Ag

Victor Duraj, WCAHS, University of California Davis

Evaluation of Foldable ROPS Universal Lift-assist Design

Paul Ayers, PhD, HICAHS, Colorado State University

ATV Crush Protection Devices

Farzaneh Khorsandi, PhD, WCAHS, University of California Davis

Robotics and AI in Agriculture: Innovations and Safety & Health Needs

Karen Lewis, MS, Washington State University