Climate Change and Health Impacts Surveillance Research

SESSION III. Western Climate Change and Amplified AgFF Worker Health Risks

Chairs: Richard Fenske, PhD, PNASH, Univ. of Washington and Kent Pinkerton, WCAHS, Univ. of California Davis

Climate change brings with it increased risk of catastrophic wildfires, flooding, drought, and sea level rise as well as extreme heat days, which will become more frequent, resulting in increased air pollution, changes in vector-borne diseases, as well as the impact of heat itself. Climate change encompasses all aspects of agriculture from planting to harvesting, crop rotation, crop types and growing season. Near-term and long-term consequences of climate change on worker health will be explored in this session, as well as ideas for active solutions. This session will focus on the following goals: 1) examine current challenges in occupational health and safety related to extreme heat, changes in air pollution and increases in vector-borne diseases; 2) evaluate the consequences of climate projections on future occupational health hazards; outline next steps in regard to education regarding climate change in the Western United States.

Climate Impacts on Human Health and Adaptation Strategies

Heidi Roop, PhD, Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington

Heat Stress in Agricultural Workers: Traumatic Injury Risk and Future Considerations

June Spector, MD, PNASH, University of Washington

Heat Stress among California Farm Workers

Marc Schenker, MD, WCAHS, University of California Davis

Assessing Heat Effects among Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers: A Multi-State Study

Kai Zhang, PhD, South West Ag Center, Health Science Center at Houston, University of Texas

Health Hazards Associated with Drought

Jesse Bell, PhD, CS-CASH, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Panel: Air Pollution from Wildfires and its Impact on Agricultural Workers

Coralynn Sack, MD, DEOHS & Department of Medicine, University of Washington June Spector, MD, PNASH, University of Washington Roger Ottmar, PhD, USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, Seattle WA Kent Pinkerton, PhD, WCAHS, University of California Davis