AgFF Injury, Illness and Economic Impacts

SESSION IV. Surveillance of AgFF Injury, Illness and Economic Impacts

Chair: Risto Rautiainen, PhD, MS, CS-CASH, University of Nebraska

Surveillance involves ongoing systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of health data and timely dissemination of the findings to those who need to know. Understanding the changing nature of farming, populations at risk, exposures, risk factors, and characteristics of injuries is essential for successful prevention. Surveillance of farm-related injuries and illnesses is challenging, however. There is no single system that identifies these incidents comprehensively. The large number, small size, and geographic dispersal of farm operations, and the diversity of the populations at risk pose challenges. The goal of this panel is to discuss strategies to develop sustainable, cost-effective systems for the surveillance of injuries and illnesses in agriculture. The panelists will discuss innovative methods including analyses of ‘big and small data’ from existing administrative databases, automated online surveys, and media tracking services.

Monitoring Agricultural Injuries from Media Reports

Bryan Weichelt, PhD, National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

Analyses of Agricultural Injury Data from Administrative Databases

Erika Scott, PhD, Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety

Injury and Illness Surveys to Self-employed Farmers and Ranchers

Risto Rautiainen, PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Improving Fatality Surveillance for the US Fishing Industry

Samantha Case, MPH, NIOSH Western States Division

Bureau of Labor Statistics Injury Surveillance

Marika Litras, PhD, US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Enumeration Methodology

Alice Larson, PhD, Larson Assistance Services

Panel: Smart Surveillance – Developing Sustainable, Cost-effective Systems for the Surveillance of Injury and Illness in Agriculture.

Panelists composed of previous speakers