Animal Agriculture and the One Health Approach

SESSION V. Animal Agriculture and the One Health Approach

Chair: David Douphrate, PhD, MPT, MBA, CPE, CSP, SW Ag Center, University of Texas

One Health is the integrative effort of multiple disciplines to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the environment. The One Health concept recognizes that human health is connected to the health of both animals and the environment. Within the One Health framework, livestock operation productivity and efficiency involves a triad of interactions between the animal, equipment and environment, and worker. To date, research emphasis has been placed on the animal or production practices, with very little research attention placed on the worker, and his/her interaction with the animal or environment. This session will address how worker health research is implemented within a One Health framework.

A One Health Model for Dairy Farming- Feasible and Scalable?

Peter Rabinowitz, MD, PNASH, University of Washington

The One Health Paradigm: Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Successful Interventions to Improve Poultry and Human Health

Matthew W. Nonnenmann, PhD, CIH, Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health, University of Iowa

One Health: Why We Care® in the Swine Industry

Heather Fowler, VMD, PhD, National Pork Board

Panel: Worker Health in a One Health Framework

Panelists composed of previous speakers (and Bison representative)

Panel: Addressing Worker and Livestock Safety during Livestock Handling Activities

Elena Austin, PhD, PNASH University of Washington, Robert Hagevoort, PhD, SW Center for Ag Health, Injury Prevention and Education, New Mexico State University