PestiSeguro™/PestiSafe™ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I really like this project, how can I help support it?

That is great to hear! Our team could use your help and we would be happy to collaborate. You can support the app in several ways.

  • Tell your friends and colleagues about PestiSeguro™/ PestiSafe™.
  • Invite us to present at upcoming agricultural events.
  • Consider sponsorship or donation. You will receive recognition for your support and contribution to the safety and health of farmworkers, families, and communities.


How can I use this service with my safety program?

Q: Will safety managers spend less time training pesticide handlers?

A: Their training time may become more effective. Now they can explain or show workers in Spanish. This service can be used with your  Worker Protection Standard training. 

Q: How is PestiSeguro™/PestiSafe™ useful for pesticide handlers who don’t read the labels anyway?

A: Workers are more likely to read the information when it's in their primary language. And, in an emergency, they can quickly look up the emergency First Aid instructions specific to the pesticide.

Q: Can I access the complete pesticide label through the app? 

A: Yes, our service includes a direct link to the complete label in the WA State Department of Agriculture database (PICOL) of approved labels. You can view or download it to your device.  Keep in mind that the label that comes with the container is the law so we recommend you always have it on hand.  Another app feature lets you search for other labels in PICOL right from your phone. 

Q: How much support staff is needed? 

A: This service takes minimal staff time.To start, workers may need some help loading the app and service on their phones. Then, the service updates automatically. As part of the service, we will provide your lead staff support for helping your workers get started. We will also provide YouTube videos (English and Spanish) with instructions on how to use the app.

Q: How is PestiSeguro/PestiSafe different than other online translation services?

A: PestiSeguro/PestiSafe makes sure that the translations are contextual and not direct. This makes it easier for the user to understand both languages. For example: "Particulate mask" in our service app would be " Mascarillas para polvos/partículas." In other services, it would read "Máscara de partículas" 

What is the cost?

Q: I’m worried it will cost me too much. How much does this setup cost?

A: Our pricing will be on a not-for-profit basis supporting financial stability and growth for the service. It will be similar to other worker apps. In Fall 2022 we will be able to share a price point that we anticipate you will find fair and worthwhile!

What about app IT support?

Q: How does the PestiSeguro™/ PestiSafe get onto my employees' phones?

A: Anyone can download the basic app from the stores. We provide each company with unique keys (codes) and instructions on how to access the information service. The service will include your labels, as well as others for the same crops. It is updated regularly. The company decides how they want to distribute the keys.

Q: What if the farm managers and workers use their personal phones?

A: If managers and workers agree to have the PestiSeguro™/ PestiSafe on their personal phones, consider compensating them for the cost of using it for work.

Q: Is there any IT support?

A: Yes, there is customer support, you can find the contact information in the app under “contact.” 

What about translation quality?

Q: What if I or any farmworker can't understand some of the Spanish words?

A: You can use our feedback option to let us know which words are not familiar and we will look for a better option.

Q: What if some of my pesticide handlers don’t speak Spanish or English?

A: We would like to provide other languages in the future but we don’t have the resources to do so at this time.

Q: How do I know the Spanish translations are correct?

A: We provide agriculture-specific contextual translations conducted by certified translators. They are knowledgeable about agricultural production and the community culture. They conduct extensive research to ensure the appropriate translation and a second translator verifies each entry.

Q: Does the EPA review any Spanish translations?

A: EPA does not review the translations. We do use EPA translations if available, including those in an EPA guide of selected common terminology used on labels.

Q: Is your organization liable for the Spanish translation, and at legal risk for the Spanish content?

A: No, the app is for information only and the label is the law. If there are any questions about the app content (English or Spanish), we recommend referring to the original English product label.

Other Questions:

Q: Can we view this service on a computer?

A: Great idea. Not at the moment, It’s on our radar and we are currently doing a feasibility analysis. We can’t make specific promises.  

Q: Some farmworkers can’t read Spanish, can you have audio too? 

A: The best option is for users to use a text-to-speech app on their phones. This works when the phone has connectivity. Phones also have text readers under the Accessibility Settings. This option may require additional assistance. 

Q: Can I request to add labels that I use on my farm?

A: We are interested in adding commonly used pesticides.  Let us know if you need a new label added and we'll see what we can do.

Q: What if I sign up for a block of licenses and we don’t use many of them?

A: We base the pricing on the cost of a license block, not the number of users.  These blocks come in different sizes (number of licenses), so you can purchase what best fits your needs.