PNASH Research Projects

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Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health (PNASH) Center projects are multidisciplinary and respond to a variety of needs, from health care and monitoring to safety engineering and training.

Projects are competitively reviewed and funded. Topics we propose:

  • Address hazards that are the most serious, affect the greatest number of workers, and where that research will make a difference.
  • Meet the needs of Northwest employers, workers, and service providers. We have established a process that engages constituencies from agricultural, health, and safety to help us establish research priorities.

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PNASH Research Priorities

PNASH Center priorities are established from regional needs assessments from data review and stakeholder advisories, and is guided by the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) for Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing.


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Pilot: Nitrate Well Water Testing in Agricultural Communities: Improving Environmental Health Communication with Health Behavior Theory

PNASH Pilot Project 2018-2019 |

Elevated levels of nitrate in groundwater are a significant public health concern for private well water users in the Lower Yakima Valley, which has a large Latino farmworker community.

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Pilot: Evalution of Wearable-based Activity Recognition Modeling Applications for Logging Safety

PNASH Pilot Project 2018-2019 | Robert Keefe, PhD, MS

This pilot project will develop an innovative, GNSS watch-based activity recognition model for rigging crew workers on cable logging operations that will increase situational awareness by sharing r

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Pilot: GRAS2P Food Safety Video

PNASH Pilot Project 2013-2015 | Alexandra Lewis-Lorenz, PhD, MA

This video project integrates current pesticide safety standards into the video, Fieldworker Orientation and Food Safety/Orientation/Orientation para el Trabajador Agricola y Seguridad Alimenticia.

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Parkinsonism among Washington State Agricultural Pesticide Handlers

PNASH Pilot Project 2013-2014 | Susan Searles Nielsen, PhD, MS and Christopher Simpson, PhD, MSc

Previous human and animal studies suggest that some pesticides, including those typically applied by agricultural pesticide handlers, may increase the risk of parkinsonism (PS).

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Pilot: Risk Factors for Heat-Related Illness in Among Oregon Farmworkers

PNASH Pilot Program 2012-2013 | Jeff Bethel, PhD

Farmworkers are at an increased risk for heat-related illness given their work requires heavy exertion in an outdoor setting.

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Pilot: Reducing Occupational Health and Safety Risks Among Young Workers in Agriculture through Clinician Engagement

PNASH Pilot Project 2011-2013 | Catherine Karr, MD, PhD

Occupational hazards of adolescent farm workers is a topic many argue is critical, but for which there have been few directed activities in the research and healthcare community.

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Pilot: Study of Risk Factors for Heat-Related Illness in Agricultural Workers

NIOSH 2011-2013 | June Spector, MD, MPH

This pilot, seeks to characterize the burden of heat-related illness in Washington State agriculture, potential risk factors for heat-related illness, and methods for quantifying the physiologica

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Pilot: Development of a Work Stress Survey for Farmworkers

PNASH Pilot Project 2011-2012 | Diane Rohlman, PhD

Many factors impact the health of agricultural workers, including workplace hazards, exposure to chemicals, limited resources, and limited access to medical care.

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Pilot: Oregon Crab Fisherman Safety and Personal Flotation Device Survey

PNASH Pilot Project 2010-2011 | PNASH partners

The Oregon Crab Fishing Safety Assessment evaluated the effectiveness of current US Coast Guard and Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission safety initiatives and safety training programs, and field-teste

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