Stress and Anxiety in Latino Farmworkers - Modifiable Workplace Factors (StrAW)

Previous research demonstrates the important impact of mental health on the well-being of farmers and farm workers. Farmworkers face seasonal work demands, workplace safety conditions, and occupational stressors that all contribute to the prevalence of stress and anxiety in Latino rural communities. Access to health care and culturally appropriate diagnostic and support services has also been identified as an essential barrier to reducing impact and burden. 

This 1-year project is: 

  1. Identifying culturally appropriate language to start discussions around mental health for Latino farmworkers,  

  2. Surveying 40 farmworkers on related circumstances and workplace stressors that may contribute to stress and anxiety, and 

  3. Developing infographic communications to summarize study findings and provide concrete recommendations for workplaces, including a list of mental health resources to share with employees. 


  • Quincy Community Health Center
  • Comunicativo
  • Radio KDNA

PNASH Pilot Program 2021-2022