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Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety: Protecting Agricultural Pesticide Handlers

Orchard Injuries

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Heat Illness Prevention

Partnership for Dairy Safety and Health 

Pesticides and Health

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AgrAbility through education and assistance, AgrAbility enhances quality of life for agricultural workers with disabilities.

Farm Safety For Just Kids offers both materials for parents and children on farm safety.

Farm Safety Links from MEDLINEplus

Farm Safety & Health Information Clearinghouse is a comprehensive site managed by the University of Minnesota.

National Agricultural Library is a prime source for world-wide access to agricultural information.

The National Agricultural Safety Database (NASD)  is an online collection of information about health, safety and injury prevention in agriculture. The site in maintained by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

The Pacific Northwest Extension Service has a number of fact sheets in their Farm Safety Series (English and Spanish)

PNASH Resources

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Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety guide

This training manual, developed in collaboration with farmers, educators, and researchers, provides a collection of solutions and ideas for preventing pesticide contamination. 

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Working in the Heat Novelas: Awareness, Response, and Prevention

This playlist contains six training videos for preventing heat-related illness on the farm. The videos are in Spanish with English subtitles. 

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Soluciones Prácticas para Segurida con Pesticidas

Este manual de capacitación, desarrollado en colaboración con agricultores, ofrece una colección de soluciones e ideas para prevenir la contaminación por pesticidas.

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