Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety

The Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety (PSPS) guide is a collection of over 30 solutions and ideas identified on farms. Each solution sheet is available in English and Spanish.

PNASH works with farmers, educators, and researchers across the Northwest to test and develop solutions originally developed by growers for themselves. These practical solutions are then shared back to the industry through an online platform.

The current project focuses on handheld application equipment and builds upon our previous Practical Solutions for broadcast spraying.

Each Practical Solution:
1) reduces personal pesticide exposure;
2) is practical, compatible, convenient, adaptable, safe, novel, and meet regulations; and
3) supports the requirements and training needs of the revised US EPA Worker Protection Standard.

Visit our Practical Solutions Webpage.

Principal InvestigatorKit Galvin, MPH, CIH
Senior Research Scientist, PNASH Center
University of Washington

NIOSH 2016-2022

NASD Online Training: Keeping Pesticide on the Farm: Practical Solutions for Minimizing Family Exposure

Webpage: Practical solutions for Pesticide Safety: Handheld Equipment / Soluciones prácticas para seguridad con pesticidas: equipo manual

Webpage: Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety

Projects: Pesticide Safety in Tree Fruit: Translating Research, Overcoming Barriers