Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety

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Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety: Protecting Agricultural Pesticide Handlers

Guide and Hands-on Training Kit

The Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety guide is a collection of 24 solutions and ideas identified on farms and developed in partnership with farmers, educators, and researchers in Washington State. 

The Guide

Download the guide in English or in Spanish.


Launching Fall 2019: Online solutions for handheld pesticide application equipment. Solutions for nursery, greenhouse, and forestry pesticide handlers >

The Hands-on Training Kit"Safety is the work of changing minds. And it is not done overnight.

Use these hands-on sessions developed for four of the practical solutions during short “shop” or “tailgate” safety sessions. Or integrate them into a more comprehensive training class.  The hands-on examples will reinforce the two key safety messages associated with each solution or substitute your own messages.  

The kit contains a supply list, training tips, a copy of the solution, and a poster of the solution with two key safety messages for each of the following:

  • Thermo-wind meter for checking local weather conditionsEvaluadas en el camp, Farm tested (stamp)
  • Spill containment trays and tubs
  • Scrub brush for decontamination
  • Ammunition box for storing emergency eyewash

It also includes resources for obtaining supplies and additional pesticide safety information. 

Download the Training Kit Manual and Supporting Posters

Training Posters (42"x30")

These materials are also available in Spanish.

We hope the kit will inspire you to incorporate solutions into your own training style, develop your own hands-on teaching tools, or discover new practical solutions. 

thank you to the 25 farms and 95 growers, managers, handlers, and safety educators who shared their innovative ideas.We would greatly appreciate hearing about any solutions you develop and your experience with this guide and kit. 

Contact PNASH with your comments, questions, and feedback! 

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